Web Design & Interactive Media

Interactive media is an ever-expanding, multidisciplinary industry that combines the creative and the technical skills to build the tools that we have come to depend on every day. Whether it is the design of a website for the next great product or service, the development of a mobile app that helps people connect on the go, or the exploration of the ever increasing connection of physical objects to the digital world known as the Internet of Things, the creation of interactive media takes a diverse skill set.


Web Design As A Career

Humber’s Web Design and Interactive Media advanced diploma program helps you build the fundamental design and development skills of the industry and gives you room to self-specialize in the field. The program guides you through the creation of a portfolio of work including a cumulative learning capstone project in the third year that demonstrates the full breath of learning.


Below is a sample of the kinds of classes you will be taking in your first year studies.


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